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Beaumont Magnet Academy is the only school in Tennessee nominated for a chance at winning a $100,000 grant!


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About the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge

The Thank America's Teachers program, launched in 2015, enables people everywhere to say thank you to teachers who made an impact on their lives. In addition to awarding 180 grants valued at $2,500 throughout the year to recognize the great work that teachers do every day, Farmers took the program one step further by developing the Dream Big Teacher Challenge, offering teachers a chance to compete for six $100,000 educational grants. In total, Farmers will award teachers across the country more than $1 million in educational grants in 2015.

Farmers Insurance will select proposals of 15 finalists in July and August. Finalists will be notified in September. Voting on the 15 proposals will take place in October. Winners will be selected in December. Farmers Insurance will select finalists based on proposal creativity, community impact and economic need.
As many as you like. You may vote for each proposal one time per day during the applicable contest voting period. Please take the time to read through the amazing proposals and vote for the ones you consider the most inspiring.
Yes. Votes will be accepted from across America so we encourage teachers who have submitted proposals to reach out to family, friends and supporters around the country to vote in support of their proposals.

Proposal: Transforming Problems Into Performance Spaces

Arts Integration Moves Outdoors


Because we are a Fine Arts Magnet school, Beaumont Magnet Academy uses dance, theater, visual arts, music, and museum partnerships to provide an enriched curriculum to our students. We propose moving our arts integrated curriculum beyond the classroom walls and combining it with the excitement of outdoor education. We will repurpose existing but underutilized infrastructure on our playground to create areas for creative exploration, performances and presentations. These structures will be available to students during instructional time and recess and to community members during family engagement events and open playground hours. This grant will provide high quality outdoor educational experiences that reinforce Beaumont's arts integrated curriculum.

Current Concerns:

The BMA playground is a large expanse of underutilized space, including two muddy drainage fields, underused asphalt, and broken and abandoned play equipment. Safety concerns include the low levels of mulch that prevent community groups from using the area, and a lack of shade.

Creating a Stage and an Amphitheater:

BMA proposes building elevated composite decking over the two drainage fields on our playground, converting one into a theatrical state with an interactive arts backdrop, and the other into an amphitheater with benches for class and community meetings. Water can flow between the decking materials to maintain drainage. Additionally, musical playground equipment will be added to the stage area, allowing student musicians to accompany the performance on the stage or to hone their craft during recess.

Creating Educational Painted Playground Games

Two underused asphalt areas — a rectangular pad connected to the playground and a track encircling the playground — will be painted with colorful and kinesthetic learning games. The playground entrance will become more inviting with a decorative arch and pickets, as well as permanent mosaic work on the stairs that students will be invited to help create.

To better protect students from increased sun and heat exposure, we will add several mature shade trees. We will also increase the levels of mulch to comply with safety standards for other after-school and community groups.

Finally, the staircase, ramp, and chain link gate at the entrance to the BMA playground do nothing to inspire visitors about what they will see, do, and learn in our new arts integrated outdoor learning space. The staircase leading to the playground will be decorated with colorful mosaic designs. The mosaic project will give students and community members an opportunity to learn from a visiting artist while reinforcing concepts taught in art class. An arch will be added to the entrance gate and the entrance area will be decorated with imagery of pencils, paintbrushes, rulers, compasses, musical instruments, and books.


Vote every day in October to help the Beaumont Magnet Academy win the $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge!

Beaumont is the only school in Tennessee nominated for a chance to win this grant!

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